What to look for in a Quality Auto Repair Shop


Searching for an auto repair shop can be hard work. It's no secret that the auto repair industry has an unfriendly reputation. As you search for a shop to provide your car with the care that it needs you should seek out certain qualities. If you can identify a shop that holds these characteristics, you will be well on your way to finding a shop you can trust with all your service and repair needs. Once you find that shop, we recommend sticking with them for absolutely everything you need.

ASE Certified Technicians

There is a way to determine if a shop values continuing education and employs educated technicians. You can look for shops that hire ASE certified technicians. Their website will have the ASE logo prominently placed on their website (usually in the footer of the first page). In order to gain this badge of honor in the industry, a technician must have at least two years of professional service and be able to pass certain qualifying tests. They must also retest periodically to remain certified.


Another way to tell if an auto repair shop is a good place to work on your car is by their warranty. A warranty is a guarantee that if the repair fails, you have coverage in place so you do not pay for the same repair. We recommend a 5 year 50K mile warranty. Dealerships offer a 12 month 12K mile warranty. Most reputable independent shops exceed that warranty by at least three times.

Pick Up/Delivery Service and Loaner Cars

Perhaps one of the best ways to determine if a shop is an excellent choice for auto care is to look at their options for getting your car to their shop and ways to keep you mobile while the car is in the shop. If an auto repair shop truly cares about their customers they will offer a variety of services, such as pick up and delivery of vehicles and/or a loaner car program. Shops that offer a quality loaner car are insured and have strong relationship business practices in place. This generates peace of mind for you, knowing your warranty will be available in the years to come.

OEM or Better Parts

An additional essential trait of a top notch auto repair shop is in their part selection process. It is important that an auto repair shop uses quality parts for all repairs and maintenance. Your safety and the safety of your babies depends on the quality of part installed on your car. Top notch shops do not install parts that could be fraudulent and counterfeit. Many unsafe counterfeit parts are found online for unbelievably low prices. Shops with high integrity and a focus on client safety will not install parts that are not from a qualified parts distributor. A great way to tell if a shop is putting your safety first is simply to call them and ask if they will install your alternator you bought online. Their answer will tell you if they value your money or your safety.

Factory Auto Maintenance

Finally, it is critical that the shop you choose conducts the services required to keep your warranty in tact. It is true, your break downs are far more profitable to us shops than your preventative maintenance. It's no different than your health care, your dental care or maintaining your home. If you do the preventative stuff, you'll have far fewer illnesses, cavities, or termites! In our world, you'll have far fewer breakdowns. But many shops do not focus on maintenance. Why? We wonder that too! It is in YOUR best interest to maintain your car -- not wait for it to fall apart. There are so many benefits of maintenance including longevity, resaleability, the sheer joy of looking sexy driving down the road!

When it comes to auto repair in Northwest, AR, the only shop that meets these requirements is NWA Car Clinic. We provide full service auto repair and maintenance for all foreign and domestic cars, trucks and SUVs. If you'd like to learn more about our auto repair shop don't hesitate to give us a call. We'd be happy to schedule you an appointment today!


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