S.M.O.G. - How to Switch Lanes Safely

When it comes to driving, any safety tips or techniques that we can teach can benefit everyone on the road. We have all seen it - the driver who switches lanes without even looking, moving across several lanes without a blinker on, expectedly all other vehicles to move out of the way. Although it may work sometimes, this is a dangerous and risky way to drive. 

Acronyms are a great way to remember key phrases, and the acronym S.M.O.G. was created for how to switch lanes safely. Remembering this acronym is easy and will make sure that you always change lanes on the road in a safe manner!


S - Signal 

Always make sure that your blinker is on, signaling the direction that you are changing lanes. Try to have your signal on 3 to 5 seconds before actually changing lanes.


M - Mirrors

Check all mirrors, including rearview mirror and side mirrors, for cars nearby before switching lanes to be aware of surroundings. 

O - Over the shoulder

This is the most important step, because this is the only way that you can see your blind spot.
This blind spot is undetectable in your mirrors, so looking over your shoulder is important. Check over your shoulder in the direction of where you are planning on switching lanes to. 


G - Go 

Once you’ve completed all of the steps above, you’re safe to go! Make sure not to brake hard, and keep up with the speed of traffic. 


So the next time you are driving and are planning on switching lanes, be sure to remember S.M.O.G. - Signal, Mirrors, Over the shoulder, and Go! 

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