Keeping up with your Oil Change

Oil Change

The most common and most important maintenance item for your car is definitely the oil change. For most cars and trucks the oil and filter replacement is necessary every 4,000 to 7,500 miles. This can vary based on your particular make and model. It can also vary based on how you drive your vehicle and the climate around your car. To get an idea on time for your car, check your owner's manual for the service table. Do not put off oil changes, as they perform several important functions for your vehicle, including the following.

Proper engine lubrication

The engine needs fresh oil to ensure that all of its moving parts are properly lubricated. As oil ages it loses its lubricating abilities, mostly because it becomes contaminated with day to day operating conditions and debris that makes its way in the engine. Air enters the engine and condenses. It is then mixed with the combustion gasses in the combustion chamber. This mixing causes acid. Acid deteriorates the quality of the oil and makes it less capable of lubricating properly. If an air filter is damaged, debris can also enter the engine. If the moving parts of the motor are not properly lubricated they will suffer from increased friction, which results in excessive wear and tear.

Clean out sludge

As mentioned, when the oil is contaminated, it turns in to a thicker substance that is often referenced as sludge and gunk. This is in part because it collects debris and contaminants such as dust and minor metal particles. This sludge will slow down engine operation, resulting in decreased performance.

Restore performance

As you may have guessed, by draining out the old oil and changing the oil filter you can remove the unwanted gunky sludge from inside the engine. Ridding the motor of this stuff will allow the engine to run as designed. This means you will get peak performance from your car, including the highest gas mileage. If you exceed your oil change mileage intervals, we highly recommend an engine performance restoration product to help clean out the sludge build up that begins.

Overall check

In addition to all these great benefits of an oil service, a top notch, best-of-the-best shop will take time to inspect your car. By completing a visual check, the technician can identify many potential issues that could otherwise go missed. This is a major benefit of a solid auto provider. You do not get this quality inspection at a quick lube or 10 minute oil change place. Your safety is our top priority -- we know your babies are riding in your car with you.

When you car is due for an oil change be sure to have it completed, or else you run the risk of major engine damage. For a professional oil change in Northwest Arkansas #NWArk, head to NWA Car Clinic. We offer complete auto maintenance and repair at our full service shop in Lowell. Give us a call to request superior auto maintenance today. Clients in Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville, and Lowell love our service! You will too!


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