Holiday Road Trip Safety Tips

We want to wish you Happy Holidays from everyone here at NWA Car Clinic in Lowell, AR. If you are planning on taking a road trip to visit family or friends this holiday season, or are maybe traveling out of town for a holiday vacation, it is important to prepare for your trek. We have compiled some holiday road trip safety tips that will help you keep safe on the road and make sure your vehicle stays reliable during your trip.

Be cautious on the road. During the winter weather, especially during rain and snow, it is important to be extra cautious while driving. We recommend reducing your usually speed and giving yourself plenty of room to brake or decelerate on the road. Make sure that the driver is awake and alert and pays full attention to the road ahead.

Prepare for any weather conditions. Do your research before heading out on your winter road trip. Be sure to look up your route and the weather that you will be driving through. You may need to consider packing tire chains if you will be driving through snow.

Have your vehicle inspected beforehand. A quick vehicle inspection before your trip will give you peace of mind and ensure that your vehicle will be safe and reliable. If we notice any issues that we feel may cause you trouble on your trip, we will make time to get those repairs completed before you are on your way.

Change your windshield wipers. Whether driving through the rain or snow, you will need good windshield wipers to see the road properly. Windshield wipers only last about a year, so if it has been a while since you have replaced them, definitely replace them before your trip.

Check all exterior lights. Test your headlights, brake lights, tail lights, blinkers, and brights before hitting the road. A problem with an exterior light can put you at risk for accidents on the road, especially when driving in gloomy weather or at night.

Pack a tire change kit. You never know what could happen, so having a spare tire and a kit to change your tire could come in handy when you least expect it. Good things to have on hand include a jack, lug wrench, wheel wedges, flashlight, extra batteries, gloves, and flares.

Before you embark on your holiday road trip this season, be sure to look over the checklist above to make sure you are prepared. If you vehicle needs any repair or service before setting off, bring your vehicle into NWA Car Clinic in Lowell, AR or give us a call at (479) 316-4234 today.

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