Halloween Driving Safety Tips

It's almost that spooky time of the season, and being aware of driving safety tips for Halloween night can ensure that everyone has a safe and fun holiday. Whether you're planning on bringing your little ones out for a night of trick or treating or attending a Halloween party - remember the following driving safety tips: 

  • Drive slowly in neighborhoods and around homes. Children will be walking the streets and a dimly lit street can be dangerous. Be sure to drive slowly and be aware of your surroundings. Always give children the right of way to cross the street. 
  • Only park in areas that are designated for parking. Do not block driveways, entry ways, or park in emergency marked parking. 
  • If you're wearing a costume, be sure that no part of your costume (such as a face mask or piece) is obstructing your view while driving. 
  • Turn on your headlights as early as dusk to be more visible to trick or treaters. 
  • If you're parked in a driveway, do not block the sidewalk for pedestrians. 
  • If you're walking your little ones from house to house, be sure to stay close and ensure that the road is clear before crossing. 
  • Take extra time at stop signs with crosswalks. 
  • For roads that do not have a stop sign but have crosswalks, slow down and approach slowly.

So no matter what your plans are for Halloween, if you'll be anywhere near your vehicle or traveling to a destination, please be sure to take extra precautions and drive safely and slowly to protect the safety of children celebrating this fun occasion. If you are attending a Halloween party and will be partaking in alcohol consumption, please call an Uber, Taxi, or Lyft. 

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