FREE BRAKE PADS - October Only!

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. Here at Car Clinic we firmly believe the best way to deter breakdowns is to perform preventative maintenance. We believe PREVENTION is the CURE for breakdowns. Another professional, Dr. Vincent Tuohy, of the Cleveland Clinic, is like-minded and believes prevention is the cure for his field too. His canvas: Human tissue. He has been working on breast cancer prevention since 2002. In our phone conversation he said:

“Today the way we deal with cancer, we wait for it to happen; then, we beat the daylights out of it with surgery and chemotherapy and immunotherapy and hormone therapy and radiation therapy.”

Dr. Tuohy told us he has a talent for destroying tissues so he decided to focus his energies on destroying tumors. Unlike vaccines, Dr. Tuohy's prevention shot has no mercury. It does not target a virus. In his words: 

“It is a very different design. I arouse the immune system. I can harness the immune system to destroy a tumor."

He has been working on this since 2002. He tells us he received a $6M grant last year from the US Army and he expects to start human clinical trials in June of 2019. His shot is expected to eradicate triple-negative breast cancer. He told us that he has withstood the storms throughout the process because of the efforts of all those that participate in Brakes for Breasts. This campaign has helped pay salaries of those working on his research team and it has been a real blessing to him, especially in the very lean years.

Here at Car Clinic, we understand the impact breast cancer has on women and their families. We want to help eradicate this disease and a small, yet powerful way to do so is through the Brakes for Breasts campaign. 

How does it work? Easy! Come in during the month of October for your brake work. Your brake pads are FREE to you, courtesy of Autozone in Lowell! They are exceptional partners and have agreed to provide your brake pads FREE OF CHARGE! This is up to $120 in value!

So how does that help breast cancer researchers at Dr. Tuohy's office? That's a great question! So you get your brake pads for free and you pay for your labor and any other ancillary parts needed.  We donate ten percent (10%) of your invoice to Dr. Tuohy via the Brakes for Breasts Campaign. If you do not need brakes during the month of October but you still want to contribute to this awesome campaign, just click here

You can schedule an appointment with us here. You can learn more about Dr. Tuohy and his team here.


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