Experience 2019 + Be Happy

It's been a year of growth and learning for us. Leading a company has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. As the holidays began approaching, Neil and I discussed what our plans are, like most everyone does. But something was pulling us, guiding us, a different way. Leading people helped us realize that WHAT we have, WHAT we do, WHAT we offer isn't going to make a brand. It's WHY. It's in the PURPOSE. It's in the HOW we LIVE the PURPOSE. And we've learned about so many mistakes we have made. What a blessing to see our errors. What an opportunity to realize Grace! And as with all learnings (business or personal), we've applied the learning to both our business and personal life. 

This year we aren't buying all the Christmas presents that we have for years and years. This year we aren't wrapping up a bunch of plastic. This year we want to make a change. And we want this change to last for the rest of our lives. I know, it's weird! But stay with me.

My children, like yours, have all they need to survive. The number of plastic army men, or fidget spinners, or McDonald / Sonic toys I've thrown away, exceeds anything I'd care to share. It is embarrassing. And these things bring my children joy for a moment. They bring me joy the moment the child opens the gift -- and shortly thereafter, they drain me of my energy like a vampire. (Tripping on them, twisting my ankle on them, they make too much noise, the batteries died, there is a meltdown because we forgot it, etc.) You understand, I know you do. Because WHAT they get is temporary when it comes inside wrapping paper.

Joy comes from purpose. And I believe our purpose on this earth is to build relationships with others. How can we best do that? I believe it's through the experiences we have together. These experiences give us stories we share for years afterwards... "Mom, remember that time you"  "Dad, remember when"  The laughter, the way we remember the stories differently, the pictures to gaze back upon, the closeness and bond that was created.... that's what I long for this Christmas season --- and honestly, every day going forward. 

So this year, we aren't wrapping things under a tree and waiting for Santa. We're going to make some memories with experiences. We're going to travel. We're going to experience. We're going to live our passions and our purpose. We're going to see people -- like real life ones! Not just the social media connections -- but reach out and touch someone kinda experiences. And we invite you to join us as we go! We'll share pictures, stories, highs, lows. And you just might want to create your own 2019 of experiences. Some of our experiences from 2018 are pictured below. We'll let you know how this goes with the kids. We've explained it to them - but they're still not sure how it is going to work. They're not sure how Santa is going to find them this year. They don't understand exactly what we're talking about.... but they will. And I hope you have great joy following your purpose from this moment forward! 

And if you're going to take a road trip somewhere, be sure we check out your car before you go. We'll make sure your car is #RoadWorthy for your experience!



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