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How often should my vehicle be inspected?

As a vehicle owner, it is important to understand the best way to keep your vehicle safe and reliable on the road. One aspect of owning a vehicle that isn’t as well taught as it should be is the idea of preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance is essentially the idea that you should have certain small services performed on your vehicle periodically that will help prevent larger, more expensive problems from occurring. Preventative maintenance not only protects your vehicle overall, it will end up saving you lots of money over the years by avoiding those major repairs that can become costly.  One important part of preventative maintenance is vehicle inspections. A vehicle inspection is a quick, comprehensive look at your vehicle to determine if there is any obvious issue with a major component. It also looks at fluids to make sure that they are topped off and clean, as well as checking other parts such as filters and chambers. Many people are a little scared about ... read more

I Can't Drive 55!

I Can't Drive 55!

In 1974, President Richard Nixon, signed into law H.R. 11372 which was an Act created in response to an energy crisis the country was facing. A National Maximum Speed Limit of 55 mph was required for states to obtain federal funds for highway projects. Maybe this is why Sammy Hagar sang "I can't drive 55" in 1984! If you know the lyrics, the song is about a person who is getting pulled over for exceeding the 55 mph limit consistently. In all reality, I cannot remember the last time I drove down I-49 at 70 mph and didn't have every single car around me passing me at what seemed like warp speed. Anyway, I digress. In 1987 there were modifications to the National Maximum Speed Limit that increased the speed limit to 65. Maybe gas consumption did not drop as much as they expected? Or maybe Sammy had an impact on our good 'ole government! In 1995 the National Maximum Speed Limit was repealed completely! States were responsible once again for their own rules and re ... read more


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