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Ways the Weather Can Affect Your Vehicle

As car drivers, we tend to get used to the seasonal changes and become accustomed to how to drive during certain weather conditions. For instance, during the fall and spring we navigate differently through the rainy days than if it were a traffic-free summer morning. But we all these seasonal changes and different weather conditions, does it have an affect on our vehicles?  The answer is - yes! The weather does affect our vehicles in certain ways, which is why seasonal maintenance is so important. Here are some of the ways that the weather can affect your vehicle:  Fluids - extreme temperatures in the summer can actually cause fluids to breakdown faster. In the winter, fluids tend to thicken up and have more trouble moving around.  Tire Pressure - air expands in the heat, which will increase your tire pressure throughout the warm season. However, cold air contracts, so you may see that tire pressure light illuminate as soon as the colder weather kicks in.  Batte ... read more

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