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Tickle Tickle Peek-a-Boo, Who’s in the Car with You

I am a child of God, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a business owner, a friend, a boss, a neighbor, an acquaintance and the list could go on. The more hats we wear, the more responsibilities we have. The more responsibilities we have the more opportunities we have to miss

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Did you resolve to save money this year? Maybe you want to reduce stress. How about manage debt a little better? Do you want to take a trip sometime in 2015? A new year always brings about new resolutions to improve things in our lives. We lead very busy lives and finding a way to

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Repair or Replace

Repair or Replace?

"Do you think I should repair or replace it?" This is a question we frequently receive from our customers. Maybe you've even asked me this at some point over 2014. While getting a new car is enticing, it may not always be the smartest decision. We can never make that decision for you but we

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Seven Deadly Sins of Auto Care

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The Seven Deadly Sins of Automotive Care Your vehicle is likely the second most expensive investment you have next to your home.  Knowing how to take care of that investment and increase its lifetime so you can get the best value for your investment might be important to you.  At CAR Clinic, we have learned

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Winter is About to Hit

WINTERIZE TODAY! Weather changes impact our clothing choices, how we feel, and how we drive. When it gets cold outside we put on another layer of clothing and often times require jackets, gloves, and scarves. We prepare for the weather. These changes in climate impact your vehicles as well. If you expect your car to

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It’s about Integrity, Relationships and Performance

WHY WE DO BUSINESS & HOW Welcome to CAR Clinic! We are proud to service Northwest Arkansas in centrally located Springdale. We choose to operate following three simple values that guide every decision we make.  1.  We do things right the first time (integrity) 2. We partner with others (relationships) 3. We talk straight and

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What Our Clients Say

I would recommend them as highly as I would any service I have ever had


Brett M

( April 2014 )

would highly recommend Car Clinic. I was treated extremely fairly, and the service was fast and expert.


Mike E

( June 2014 )

Would highly recommend their service. Went in for an oil change which was accompanied by a bumper to bumper health check up for my car. After inspection, they pointed out service areas that were needed, quoting labor and materials for each. I was impressed with their candidness and concern for either the immediacy need for certain repairs or their just making me aware of something that may need attention or present a future issue. No high pressure sales tactics, spoke to me on my level of understanding. Very impressive!


Janet C

( September 2014 )

Car Clinic does more for its customers in the way of customer service, quality car service, proactive maintenance recommendations, and insured work than any other business I have come across in this industry.


Gayla L

( January 2014 )

I have total trust in your mechanics and service in general. Prices are very fair and each visit I have had there has been pleasant. Being a woman, I have been to several repair shops where I have to wonder if the service it was suggested I needed was truly needed or even done when I agreed to it. I have never felt that way with Car Clinic. I would recommend you to anyone.


Total Trust in your Mechanics

( July 2014 )

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