<a href="http://nwacarclinic.com/featured/automotive-repair-service/"><b>Exceptional Automotive Repair Service</b></a><p>At Car Clinic in Springdale, AR, our reliable auto service center staff is focused on getting your maintenance and auto repair jobs done correctly the first time so you’re SAFE on</p> <a href="http://nwacarclinic.com/featured/we-provide-oil-changes-factory-scheduled-maintenance-engine-repair-and-much-more/"><b>Oil changes, factory scheduled maintenance, engine repair and much more!</b></a><p>We specialize in complete engine performance, tune-ups, oil changes, brake repair, A/C, and suspension work. Our staff of ASE Certified Technicians are knowledgeable in full-service auto repair and complete automotive</p>

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Every day, with every customer, we focus on providing high-quality auto maintenance and repair services coupled with unparalleled customer service. We believe customer satisfaction is key and that satisfaction is driven through a focus on vehicle safety. No one wants to drive a vehicle with safety issues down the road. With countless 5-star reviews and customer testimonials, we are proud of our reputation as one of Northwest Arkansas’ most trusted auto repair shops.

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Have you ever wondered how often you should rotate your tires? What time of oil you should use? Do you know what a timing belt is or if you have one? Does that check engine light scare you? What should you do when the temperature gauge begins to rise? Do you know when to change the spark plugs? Did you know you have an oil filter, an air filter, a fuel filter, a cabin filter, and a transmission filter? Most homes have one filter! Your car sure can be overwhelming - we blog often and provide you tips to help with those types of questions and concerns! Plus we include some fun things too!

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Diagnostics & Warranty


Diagnostics is the process of investigating & testing using systematic, logical procedures to determine the cause of problems in an automobile & find the solutions to these problems. We offer 4 Levels of Diagnosis ranging from pulling codes only to simple diagnosis, and drivability diagnosis to advanced highly technical diagnosis. Most repairs are covered by our 24 month 24,000 mile Nationwide Limited Repair Warranty. Ask for Warranty Information. Should you need to use our warranty, please call 800.457.0019 or CAR Clinic at 479.756.8886.

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Many times customers ask if we have cars for sale or know someone selling a certain type of car. We do not have a business license to sell cars at the shop - but we are more than happy to have your cars listed on our site. You can advertise to sell your car for FREE on our site - or browse cars listed for sale!

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SHARE the CARE! Thank you for putting your trust in us! Tell your friends about your good experience at CAR Clinic. Give them a referral card and they will save $10 on their first visit! You will be entered to win a $50 gift card that we give away once a month to one lucky referral partner! Our gift cards are to other local businesses like Powerhouse Seafood, NWA Florist, FayetteChill, etc! We understand the value of your referral and we like to show our appreciation in return! If there is a business you would like gift cards to - please let us know!

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