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I would recommend them as highly as I would any service I have ever had


Brett M

( April 2014 )

would highly recommend Car Clinic. I was treated extremely fairly, and the service was fast and expert.


Mike E

( June 2014 )

Would highly recommend their service. Went in for an oil change which was accompanied by a bumper to bumper health check up for my car. After inspection, they pointed out service areas that were needed, quoting labor and materials for each. I was impressed with their candidness and concern for either the immediacy need for certain repairs or their just making me aware of something that may need attention or present a future issue. No high pressure sales tactics, spoke to me on my level of understanding. Very impressive!


Janet C

( September 2014 )

Car Clinic does more for its customers in the way of customer service, quality car service, proactive maintenance recommendations, and insured work than any other business I have come across in this industry.


Gayla L

( January 2014 )

I have total trust in your mechanics and service in general. Prices are very fair and each visit I have had there has been pleasant. Being a woman, I have been to several repair shops where I have to wonder if the service it was suggested I needed was truly needed or even done when I agreed to it. I have never felt that way with Car Clinic. I would recommend you to anyone.


Total Trust in your Mechanics

( July 2014 )

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